Spotify Worship Playlist


Has there been a time during Sunday worship that you connected with the music? Have you wondered what the song was that we sang so that you could worship with it again? What about that song that really touched you a few weeks back, and it just came back to you today? Gilliam Springs is now providing Sunday Worship and Special Event playlists through Spotify!

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How to Listen

Our playlists are provided through Spotify, and opening a free account with Spotify is required to listen to our playlists. Click Here to sign up for a free Spotify account and return here to play any one of our playlists.

GSBC Weekly Worship Playlist

Check out and follow our new GSBC Weekly Worship Playlist on Spotify. You only have to follow it once and then it is set. We’ll update songs every week to include songs used in worship from the previous Sunday and the upcoming Sunday’s services.

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GSBC Christmas Worship Playlist